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Marlins vs. Pirates, 21 April 2008

7:05, Mark Hendrickson and Matt Morris. Yikes, what's the over-under on runs scored in this one? 20? 25? Anyway, here's the box. Ronny Paulino starts against the lefty. Brian Bixler bats second - why? And Chris Gomez starts at third.

A couple of links:

-P- If you haven't heard, a documentary on Roberto Clemente is airing tonight at 9:00 on PBS.

-P- The Marlins are actually in first place in the NL East right now, but it's smoke and mirrors - they've scored 13 fewer runs than they've allowed. They also only have two starting pitchers with ERAs under 7, and one of those is Hendrickson. They'll find their way to the bottom eventually.

-P- A Phillies blog offers a very interesting article about why teams like the Pirates rarely exceed slot money in the draft.

-P- This is an unintentionally funny article:

Pirates manager John Russell spent about 45 minutes talking with some of his coaches after Saturday's game about things that happened during the contest.

Yesterday morning, the "teach points" that Russell and his staff identified began being relayed to the Pirates' players.

Tony Beasley met with the infielders in a back room in the clubhouse. Jeff Andrews met with the pitchers down the right-field line at Wrigley Field.

It's part of the ongoing process for the Pirates manager and his staff.

Yes, that "ongoing process" that involves teaching players how to get better. I believe it's called "coaching." John Russell spent 45 whole minutes coaching?! Stop the presses! Anyway, check out the article and see if you can tell me why it exists.