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Reds Fire Wayne Krivsky

Good for them. This kind of messes up the tournament, doesn't it? Krivsky's match against Brian Sabean was supposed to start today. Anyway, the Reds have hired Walt Jocketty, who was already working as a special consultant for them, to take Krivsky's place. Despite the fact that Jocketty was aboard, I didn't really see this coming - Krivsky hadn't been on the job that long.

Here's what I wrote about Krivsky last week. Actually, he may not go down in history as a bad GM (although he certainly would have if the Reds had let him keep going). The Reds acquired Brandon Phillips, Edinson Volquez and Bronson Arroyo for next to nothing during Krivsky's tenure (keeping in mind that Volquez came in a trade for Rule 5 pick Josh Hamilton, who cost the Reds very little), and most of the many mistakes Krivsky made won't be too lasting. If Jocketty can fire Dusty Baker, promote Jay Bruce and just stop bothering with crappy relievers and utility infielders the Reds don't need, he can make them a playoff team in short order. It's true that, as Steve notes in the FanPosts, Jocketty didn't have a great record of drafting and developing as GM of the Cardinals, but the Reds already have enough star talents that simply organizing the good players and providing them with a supporting cast will be his most important tasks for a few years. That's the sort of thing Jocketty is good at and Krivsky is not.