Matt Morris Released

Paul Meyer reports the bad news. It's always sad to see a career end on this kind of sour note. But Morris will get a $10M pad on which to land once he becomes a civilian. So, it's not as though he'll need to work at KFC to make rent next month.

This trade was nearly as bad as the Aram gift to the Cubs. The irony, of course, stems from the fact that the Pirates gave away a possible HOFer when they traded Ramirez because he would have cost too much but then ate a $10M contract by releasing Morris.

*       *        *

UPDATE by Charlie: Phil Dumatrait heads to the rotation, which may not work out well, but at least he's not Morris; John Van Benschoten joins the team and will be in the bullpen, at least for a day or two. Anyway, I don't feel like writing another post about how terrible Morris is, and I don't feel like eviscerating Dave Littlefield for the millionth time, either. That horse is dead. You can check out what I wrote at the time of the acquisition.

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