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Pirates vs. Mets, 28 April 2008

UPDATE: We're rained out. August 11 is the make-up date.

Ian Snell vs. Johan Santana at 7:10 PM at Shea. It'd be incredible if we could steal a win in this one.

A couple of links:

-P- I think Pat's take on the Morris situation is dead-on. It's hard for me to muster much sympathy for multimillionaire ballplayers, but it's true that nothing that happened to Morris after he was traded to the Pirates was really his fault. He just didn't have it anymore. He seemed like a decent guy.

-P- The Post-Gazette explains what John Van Benschoten is doing with the Pirates. He wasn't the most impressive pitcher at Class AAA by a long shot, but the Bucs wanted someone who could potentially pitch for a very long stretch in the next few days in case a starter gets knocked around. After that, they may send him back to the minors and call up someone else, perhaps Sean Burnett. Frankly, though, I'd rather see Jesse Chavez or Marino Salas, who have pitched better than Burnett in the minors, have better recent track records, and are probably better bets to succeed in the long term.