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Worst GM Poll: Ned Colletti vs. Ed Wade

UPDATE: This poll is now closed.

This matchup pits Ned Colletti (3) of the Dodgers against Ed Wade (2) of the Astros. I apologize to those of you who think that both participants in the Bill Bavasi-Brian Sabean showdown (in progress) are worse than these two; I didn't expect hatred for Bavasi ran this deep. That match, by the way, has already featured cheating, spirited debates on a bunch of message boards, and over 600 votes. Be sure to get yours in while it's still open.

With all due respect to the Bavasi-haters out there, I think Colletti and Wade are worthy of their spots. Colletti looks set to emulate Bavasi's career in Anaheim by inheriting a good core of young players and completely squandering it, and yet to do so more flamboyantly and hilariously and without the Dodgers winning a World Series a few years after he's gone. Colletti also handed out one of the stupidest (if not the most harmful) free agent contracts of all time by handing Juan Pierre $45 million. Here's more on Colletti.

Wade, too, is a force to be reckoned with -- to his credit, he had several good drafts with the Phillies, but that's about all there is to recommend him. He's bungled a trillion trades, collected aged pitchers like an antique dealership, and consistently failed to get his teams to the playoffs. By all credible accounts, he offered the Pirates Ryan Howard for Kris Benson. Wade also spent this past offseason badly misjudging the Astros' chances to compete. To be fair, Baseball Prospectus 2008 guesses Wade saw the Astros' awful farm system and just figured any rebuilding process would be too long and painful to deal with right now, but I'd counter that he's just postponing the inevitable while running out a 2008 team that isn't very likely to win even 75 games. Here's more on Wade.