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Pirates vs. Mets, 29 April 2008

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Let's try this again. Ian Snell and Johan Santana, 7:10 at Shea. Here's the box.

If you haven't seen it, there's a pretty interesting article in the Post-Gazette about a number of players the Pirates could have traded this winter, but didn't. A lot of them are making the Bucs look pretty smart. Damaso Marte has struggled, but Xavier Nady, John Grabow and Jason Bay all now look like they could fetch something. I'm still not a fan of the Pirates' decision to start Nady and leave Steve Pearce in the minors -- what can I say, I'm stubborn -- but all will be forgiven if the Pirates can snag a real prospect for Nady. As for Bay, his numbers have tailed off a bit in the last week or so, but he's still posting a 127 OPS+. The packages other teams were offering over the winter were meager, but they may be better now.

-P- The Brewers just made room for Mike Cameron by sending SP David Bush to the minors. I don't know what the Pirates really have to offer the Brewers, and I don't want them trading prospects in any case, but if I were the Bucs, I'd call to see what it would take to pry Bush away. The Pirates need a starter, and Bush's numbers indicate he could be helpful. He's posted K/BB ratios of 3:1 or better the past two years, and he keeps the ball on the ground. A good portion of the blame for his bad ERA last year goes to the Brewers' bad defense, not to him.