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Matt Morris Retires

I missed this when it came out yesterday:

"It's over and I'm happy where I am right now," said Morris, released by the Pittsburgh Pirates on Sunday. "In my heart, I'm happy. At the end, it all came to a head very quickly, but I've had a great career. It was time to move on and, obviously, the Pirates felt the same way."

Earlier yesterday, Morris' agent, Barry Axelrod, said he thought there might be a chance his client would take some time off and return to the game. Maybe in a week. Or next season.

Morris, formerly of Montgomery, nixed that idea. Asked if he would contemplate coming back if a contending team reached out to him, Morris said: "No chance."

Happy trails, Matt. Obviously, he never did anything for the Pirates, but that really wasn't hit fault, and it's easy to forget that he was quite good for the Cards in the early part of this decade. He finishes his career with 121 wins and an ERA under 4.