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Bucs Roster Moves: Sharpless Released, Kata Re-Acquired

There are a bunch of minor roster moves, which I completely missed because I was flying across the country. My bad. But better late than never:

-P- The Bucs have re-acquired Matt Kata from the Rockies for future considerations. Kata, of course, is a familiar face; he hit .250/.258/.386 for the Pirates last year. The team needs some infield insurance now that Jack Wilson is hurt. Wilson hasn't been placed on the DL, so my guess is that Kata will stay at Indianapolis.

-P- Josh Sharpless has been released. Since he wasn't on the 40-man roster anymore, there didn't seem to be any good reason for the Pirates to dump him, except to send a message to other players about what will happen to you if you report to Spring Training out of shape. Sharpless was simply awesome in the minors until last season, so I'm sure some team will take a chance on him. I can't really comment much on the rift between Sharpless and Pirates' management, but from my outsider's perspective, losing him is a shame, even though it certainly isn't a big deal.

-P- Jorge Velandia opted to become a free agent rather than going to Indianapolis. Given the Bucs' newly precarious middle infield situation, he's got to be kicking himself.

-P- Jonah Bayliss cleared waivers and will head to Indianapolis.

-P- Finally, the Pirates signed former Indians pitcher Jason Davis to start for them at Indy. Davis, 28, is coming off a horrible year in the Mariners organization. If he winds up starting for the Bucs, he might be the worst "J. Davis" ever to play for them, and that's saying something. He had a good year out of the Indians' bullpen in 2006, though, and might be somewhat useful there.