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Pittsburgh vs. Florida, 4 April 2008

Matt Morris vs. Scott Olsen at 7:10 PM in Miami. I wonder if we can get more comments in this thread than people at the game.

The Pirates get off easy playing in Miami this early in the year. It should be a lovely night, with lows around 75 degrees. I bet Scott Olsen won't enjoy it, though. I hope the Pirates beat him and he breaks something in the clubhouse. If that something costs more than $10, it'll probably get him released, because Jeffrey Loria's not having that.

Here's the box. Ryan Doumit catches; 0-for-3vas plays shortstop.

A couple links and notes, while we wait:

-P- The headline for this article on ESPN's front page is "Hawk attacks schoolgirl on tour of Fenway." My immediate thought was to wonder if it had anything to do with Hawk Harrelson.

-P- Adam LaRoche's line so far: 2-for-15, 1 2B, 1 BB, 7 strikeouts. He's at it again, folks.

-P- The P-G Q+A suggests that Evan Meek may not be with the Bucs very long. Since Tyler Yates really seems to be the sort of righty power reliever the Pirates hoped they'd be getting when they grabbed Meek in the Rule 5 draft, Meek will have to pitch well, or he'll be offered back to Tampa.