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Link Roundup: Keppinger Hurt, Gagne Back to Closing

-P- Jeff Keppinger broke his kneecap tonight. The former Pirate farmhand had been having a very nice season for the Reds, and very much in a he'd-look-great-in-a-Pirate-uniform sort of way. A .373 OBP, the ability to play shortstop, and never having to see 0-for-3vas in a Pirates uni ever again? Yes please! Keppinger may well end up being the best player in that Kris Benson deal.

-P- Speaking of guys who should still be Pirates, Azibuck notes in the comments to yesterday's gamethread that Leo Nunez -- you know, the young flamethrower we traded for six games' worth of Benito Santiago -- is having a great year in Kansas City. He's still really young and could end up being a really good righty reliever. Again, he'd look great for the Pirates. 

-P- And, finally, Eric Gagne picked up the save tonight for the Brewers. He's back in at closer. This should be fun to watch.