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Pirates vs. Reds, 27 May 2008

Ian Snell vs. Johnny Cueto, 7:05. Here's the box. Jack Wilson bats second. Jay Bruce bats second for the Reds.

Wow, the wheels of the Johnny Cueto train certainly have fallen off. He entered his first game against the Bucs, on April 13, with a 2.03 ERA, 18 strikeouts and no walks in two starts. The Pirates roughed him up and he's only had a few really good starts since then. His strikeout rate is still excellent, but he appears to have trouble with homers -- he now has allowed 12 in 56.2 innings. Nate McLouth, who pastes righties, has eleven hits in his last four games, and walked and doubled off Cueto last time out, has to be licking his chops.