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Nationals 9, Pirates 8

The Pirates dropped a close one to the Nationals today while wearing pretty awesome Homestead Grays throwback unis.

Whenever there's a one-run game and Ryan Doumit doesn't start, I'm going to wonder what might have been. Ronny Paulino started instead and went 0-for-4 with a walk. The Pirates put up a bunch of runs anyway, as Jose Bautista's bat stayed alive: he homered for the third time in two games, and had a single and double as well. 

Paul Maholm started the game, and there seem to be no in betweens for him recently. Here are his runs allowed for his six starts this year:


At least he stays in the game, though -- he's pitched at least five innings in each of his starts so far. That's valuable for a team like this, when the only other reasonably safe bet to stay in the game past the second inning is Ian Snell. (Relatedly, Tom Gorzelanny will skip a turn in the rotation after leaving his last start with back trouble.)

A couple other quick notes:

-P- Olivo Astacio was released because he attacked an unidentified teammate with a bat. Obviously, that seems like a pretty good reason to release someone. 

-P- The Cubs sent Rich Hill to the minors, which is pretty remarkable -- he was a workhorse last year and had a 4.12 ERA this year, with no earned runs. The issues seem to be control (he's got ugly walk totals, and that's going to catch up with him) and staying in games. He's pitched just 19.2 innings in five starts.