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Pirates 14, Cardinals 4

If last Wednesday's game was one of the worst of the season, tonight's had to be one of the best. Luis Rivas, for example, hit a grand slam and a triple. (The triple was actually more like a single that Rick Ankiel dove past, but whatever.) When something like that happens, you're really blowing the opportunity if you don't win and win convincingly, and that's what the Pirates did. Paul Maholm was the good Maholm. The Pirates struck out nine and didn't walk a single Cardinal. Freddy Sanchez and Ronny Paulino homered. Three Pirates (Sanchez, Paulino and Jose Bautista) all had three or more hits. Great game, even if it was marred by a couple of hit batsmen, persistent rain, a long non-delay to tend to the mound, and Franquelis Osoria.