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Nyjer Morgan: Should He be Here?

Neal Huntington on Nyjer Morgan:

"If we're beginning to slow Nyjer's development process, we're going to have to look at a move," Huntington said. "I don't want to say Nyjer's going to be optioned out in the near future, but the reality is we've got to do the right thing for him."

I won't beat a dead horse here; regular readers already know that I don't think the 27-year-old Morgan is still a developing player. Yes, he used to play hockey, but he's had five years in the minors to get used to carrying a bat instead of a stick.

So the question, to me, is not his "development" but, instead, exactly what he's doing on the team. Morgan has posted just four hits in just 28 at bats despite being on the roster since the beginning of the season. With his questionable baserunning so far and the speedy Brian Bixler also on the roster, what's the point of having Morgan on the roster just to pinch-run?

Meanwhile, the Pirates' bench has sorely lacked hitting of any kind. (Seriously, look at it -- it's sad.) Why shouldn't the Pirates send Morgan down and see if they can improve their bench by adding someone who can hit? Kevin Thompson is hitting .350/.409/.575 at Indianapolis so far. He isn't anyone's idea of a great player, but he wouldn't have to be great to be the Pirates' best bench guy by a mile. There's literally no downside here to moving him up.

A couple quick notes:

-P- The Tigers designated Jacque Jones for assignment; I suppose Detroit's sluggish start was all Jones' fault. I'm no fan of Jones, but I can't believe he can't still be a good bench player; he's not a terrible defensive corner outfielder, and he's only two years removed from hitting 27 homers for the Cubs. He won't be suiting up for the Pirates, obviously.

-P- The Worst GM finals will close tomorrow, so get those ballots in.