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Giants vs. Pirates, 6 May 2008

Jonathan Sanchez vs. Zach Duke. Here's the box. I can't watch much of this one, which is a shame, because Sanchez is having a really interesting season so far. (The Giants' pitchers being the only interesting thing about them, naturally.) He posted a 5.88 ERA out of the bullpen last year. He's always had big strikeout rates, but he's struggled with his control. This year, so far at least, he's not struggling, and the result is 40 strikeouts in 33.7 innings and a 3.48 ERA in the rotation. There's a good writeup on Sanchez here.

-P- Just because I don't know where to put it: I thought this article about Alex Rodriguez was a joke at first, but it seems serious. Either way, it's utterly bizarre.