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Orioles 9, Pirates 6

Well, that stunk. The Bucs piled up a 6-1 lead early against O's starter Brian Burres, highlighted by a three-run homer by the suddenly-awesome Jason Michaels. But the Phil Dumatrait (who struggled with his control all night), Franquelis Osoria and the Pirates let the Orioles crawl back into the game and eventually take the lead. After Osoria left the game, the Pirates were only down by one, but Marino Salas and Sean Burnett got to pitch anyway, and suddenly the Pirates weren't down by one anymore. I wasn't watching the last few innings of the game, but I'm not sure why better relievers weren't out there. As a group, the good relievers haven't been overworked too terribly lately. Damaso Marte, in particular, should've been ready to go.