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Xavier Nady had MRI this Morning

...On his shoulder, which he hurt ramming into a wall in right field Saturday. I can't find any word about the results of the MRI yet, but it doesn't sound serious. Still, it was a very scary-looking play--Nady really just ran into the wall at close to full speed--and losing Nady for any substantial period of time right now would be a big problem, not only because the Bucs need his bat in the lineup but because one of the tricky aspects of trading him will be convincing teams that his health isn't an issue.

UPDATE: Nady has a shoulder sprain, which doesn't sound too serious.

The Bucs also signed five more picks: Jeremy Farrell (8th round), Calvin Anderson (12th round), Jarek Cunningham (18th), Christopher Simmons (41st) and Cole White (42nd).

Farrell, the son of Red Sox pitching coach, John Farrell, starred at the University of Virginia, so he'll presumably play at State College, probably as a third baseman. Anderson will probably start across the infield, at first base. Cunningham is a Washington state high schooler who had a commitment to Arizona State, but signed with the Pirates anyway. Simmons and White were the two players drafted from the US Military Academy. 

As a group, the picks the Pirates have signed so far don't include most of their highest-upside guys. That isn't necessarily a surprise, but the picks they've signed so far make me hope they're going to sign closer to 30 or 35 picks than 25.