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Pirates Sign Jordy Mercer, Chase D'Arnaud

The Pirates have signed third-round pick Jordy Mercer and fourth-rounder Chase D'Arnaud, both shortstops. Presumably, one of them will play second at State College, where the infield is already getting very crowded. The Bucs also signed 39th-round pick Albert Fagan, who's the mysterious guy who was drafted literally out of nowhere--he had no school affiliation. I guess we'll learn more about him soon.

The Pirates have now signed 24 picks, which is close to the number of picks Frank Coonelly and Neal Huntington suggested they might sign. Obviously, a lot of top picks haven't signed yet and many of the ones who have were very low picks, and it's only a couple weeks after the draft, so we can only hope the Pirates have had an easier time signing some of these guys than they imagined and that they're going to end up signing far more than 25.