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Yankees vs. Pirates, 24 June 2008

Darrell Rasner vs. Tom Gorzelanny, 7:05 PM.

The passionate fan responses to both this series and the one in Baltimore a couple weeks ago are strong evidence of why interleague play is a good idea. Sure, you get the occasional Pittsburgh-Kansas City series, but at least then you get to see players you wouldn't normally, and is that really any worse than seeing the Pirates play the 2002 Brewers 19 times? And when interleague is at its best, you have a series like this, which really has the city buzzing.

As someone who wasn't alive in 1960, I find the excitement a little baffling, but it is cool that Bill Mazeroski will throw out the first pitch tonight, that Joba Chamberlain starts tomorrow, and that PNC will be packed to the gills for all three games.