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More Transactions!

The Pirates made several more transactions yesterday. Between all these and my travel schedule (completely incidentally, I sat next to this guy today on the flight from Minneapolis; why the Vikings didn't get him out of coach and the row in front of the bathrooms and into first class, I have no idea, but anyway he seems like a really nice guy, confident without being condescending in response to my stupid questions), I'm dangerously close to forgetting who all's on the roster. Today the completely irrelevant Nyjer Morgan heads back to Indianapolis, Franquelis Osoria heads to the DL with bursitis, and T.J. Beam and John Van Benschoten return to Pittsburgh. Van Benschoten will probably start Wednesday. (Denny Bautista apparently will avoid the DL.) Nothing much to say about these moves; I like Beam a lot more than the other guys, but really the names are mostly incidental. This is just juggling, and if Neal Huntington can keep doing it without hitting himself in the face with a torch, Barnum and Bailey should give him a call.