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More Minor Transactions

In addition to the bad pitcher shuffle that's been going on for the past day or so, the Bucs made several other minor moves.

First, Craig Wilson has been shipped the Mariners for a PTBNL. This may surprise those of you who did not realize Wilson was back in the Pirates organization, but he'd been hitting badly but with some power at Class AAA Indianapolis. It's ironic that the Mariners are acquiring Wilson in the wake of the release of Richie Sexson, since Wilson (much as I still love him) has Richie Sexson disease as bad as anyone ever did. He'll hit the occasional homer, but he won't hit higher than .210 in the majors. Normally I'd assume Wilson will just be minor league depth for the Mariners, but the M's called up a second baseman (Tug Hulett) to take Sexson's place on the major league roster, and they're currently going with converted infielders Jose Vidro and Miguel Cairo at first. Neither Vidro nor Cairo are better than Sexson, whose salary they're eating. Given the available options, I wouldn't be shocked if Wilson made it back to the big leagues with the Mariners. Wilson's not better than Sexson either, but whatever--the Mariners don't make any sense. Anyway, I assume the PTBNL the Pirates get won't be anyone of consequence, but perhaps I shouldn't assume anything, given the team they're trading with.

The Bucs also got pitcher Dan Reichert and corner-guy Ryan Mulhern from Cleveland for a player to be named. Reichert's pure cannon fodder and surely--hopefully!--won't get out of AAA, but Mulhern is at least kind of interesting. His name came up a bunch a couple offseasons ago as a Rule 5 candidate after he belted 32 homers between Class A+ Kinston and Class AA Akron as a 24 year-old. He's been mediocre in AAA since then, and he's probably already peaked, but maybe there's something still in there. He has some power, but he strikes out a lot. Basically, he's... the 2008 version of Craig Wilson, but a couple years younger and with a tad more potential.

UPDATE: But not much--like WTM says in the comments, these moves aren't really intended to do much more than fill minor-league spots. I probably didn't put a fine enough point on that.

UPDATE: The reactions to the Wilson trade at USS Mariner are pretty funny.