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Steven Pearce: Maybe Someone Will Trade For Me

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Here's an odd article:

Even though the Pirates are stacked in the outfield, Pearce said he has plenty of opportunities to get to the big leagues.

Other major league teams send scouts to every game, and Pearce said a good game could encourage teams to trade for him.

"There's 29 other teams in the league, so there's always somebody watching," said Pearce,'s 2007 Minor League Player of the Year.

"You're not just playing for the Pirates. You're playing for everybody."

This seems like a strange thing to say, since I'm not aware of any rumors that Pearce is going anywhere. The timing of it is also strange, since the next few weeks could see trades of major-league Pirates that would open a spot for Pearce in Pittsburgh. Pearce almost sounds resigned to the possibility that those trades won't happen.

In the meantime, Pearce is finally back to putting up the sorts of numbers that suggest he deserves to be promoted. Here are his monthly OPSes:

April: .684
May .761
June .844
July .929

(That July OPS is only for a handful of games.)