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Pirates 12, Cardinals 11

I don't have time to really write this up properly right now, but if you've got, you need to watch this one. This was the most exciting Pirates game in years. Yoslan Herrera was about as expected--his breaking ball isn't bad, and his changeup is downright good, but his fastball is straight as a string and slow, and major league hitters won't have any trouble just waiting for it. He gave up a bunch of runs, and the Pirates were down by several runs throughout the middle innings... but then there was one homer, and then another, and then a three-run jack by Nate McLouth and suddenly the Pirates were within one, and then they scored another to tie.

Troy Glaus hit a solo homer in the top of the tenth to put the Cards up by a run, but then Jason Michaels came up against rookie Chris Perez with a man on in the bottom of the tenth and drove the ball over the wall in left-center. It was incredible. The Pirates were apparently completely out of players--Doug Mientkiewicz had been ejected early in the game for arguing a blown call, and both John Grabow and Romulo Sanchez were apparently unavailable due to injury. Michaels' homer was huge.

Seriously, watch this.