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Link Roundup: Marino Salas Rejoins Pirates

-P- Marino Salas is back, taking the roster spot formerly occupied by Romulo Sanchez. Someone once said that you have to go to Colorado with the players you have, not the players you want. At least I think that's the quote. Anyway, Salas isn't an inspiring choice, because there really aren't inspiring choices, at least not internally; instead, he's just the next guy on the list. He hasn't pitched very well in the minors since last time he was with the Pirates, and he wasn't so hot with the Pirates, either, so...

-P- Dejan Kovacevic has a new blog

-P- The Yankees have reached an agreement with Richie Sexson, who could be very useful in a more limited role. He's a terrible starting first baseman at this point--he doesn't field as well as he once did, and he hasn't hit righties at all this year--but he can help in an Eduardo Perez sort of role, coming off the bench every couple days against a lefty reliever.

-P- The Diamondbacks just made a move for a relatively similar player, Tony Clark, by trading a minor league pitcher to get him from the Padres. It's hard to know what to make of Clark; his stats are all over the map the last few years. He hit 17 homers in 221 at bats in 2007, but this year he has only one. Still, for the D'Backs, who have a floundering offense and no right-handed power threat on their bench, he seems like a good addition.