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Pirates vs. Reds, 2 June 2008

John Van Benschoten vs. Daryl Thompson, 7:10 PM.

I'm not sure how much of this game I'm going to be able to see, but I'm interested in checking out Thompson. You may recall that he was the minor league pitcher the Reds got in the Austin Kearns-Felipe Lopez deal. Former Reds GM Wayne Krivsky was lambasted by nearly everyone (including me) for that trade, which seemed like an absolutely boneheaded, horrible idea at the time. But Kearns has merely been an average outfielder since the trade--he hasn't blossomed the way some thought he might--and Lopez has been pretty bad. The Reds haven't gotten much out of the trade so far either, but Thompson has quietly pitched well in the minors. He's pitching this year with good velocity. He could actually end up being the best player in the deal and win the trade for the Reds.

Anyway, while you're waiting for the game, this is pretty amusing.