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Matt Capps to Miss Two Months


Capps, who blew saves here Monday and Tuesday nights, went to Pittsburgh today for tests, which revealed "internal range of motion detriment," according to manager John Russell.

What is "internal range of motion detriment," and why would that cost Capps two months? Any doctors in the house? This is why it's a drag when Dejan Kovacevic has the day off. Neither the other papers nor the Pirates' website is much more helpful.

Steve Pearce takes Capps' place on the roster, but he may be gone when Phil Dumatrait returns.

Obviously, the loss of Capps is a huge blow to the Pirates, who were already struggling to find enough good arms to fill out their bullpen. He won't be back until early September.

UPDATE: Judging from Dejan Kovacevic's Q+A today, it sounds like this could have been a lot worse.