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Daniel Moskos is Terrible

No offense to him personally, but he is. Whether or not you saw the article in the Post-Gazette, you need to check out the numbers:

91.2 IP, 73 R, 64 ER, 62 K, 32 BB, 7 HR, 6.28 ERA

73 runs allowed in 91.2 innings! From the #4 overall pick in last year's draft! Even I didn't think he'd be this bad.  

Moskos has been pelted in all of his last several starts, and Pirates farm director Kyle Stark suggests in the Post-Gazette article that that may have something to do with the fact that Moskos has now pitched more innings this year than he ever did in his college career. It's possible there are workload issues, but Moskos pitched 90 innings between college and the pros last year without completely coming apart. 

It's more likely that his stuff just isn't good enough to be a starter. I watched Moskos start for Clemson last year and he wasn't at all impressive--his fastball was in the high 80s, and he never flashed anything resembling the "wipeout" slider he was reported to have coming out of the draft. 

It's easy to forget here that although practically everyone regarded Moskos as a baffling pick at fourth overall last year, he was regarded as a likely first-round pick. John Sickels, for example, named Moskos the eighth-best pitching prospect in the draft. 

This is strange, because there was no reason to think the player I saw start for Clemson would be a first round pick. I'm not a scout, but it was plain to me that there was nothing special about his stuff. 

I never saw Moskos relieve for Clemson, but pitchers often have better stuff as relievers, and I wonder if Moskos might be an extreme case for some reason. Since Moskos made two thirds of his 2007 college appearances as a reliever, it's possible most people's opinions were formed by his relief appearances and not by his starts.

It may be a bit too early for the Pirates to just declare Moskos a reliever, but that point can't be far off. His season so far has been a bad joke, and contrary to the Post-Gazette's report, there was never anything "encouraging" about it--look at his monthly splits. His best month was in June, when he struck out 18 batters in 26 innings and posted a 4.15 ERA. For a 22-year-old in Class A, that's not "encouraging." That's not anything

UPDATE: Moskos will move to the bullpen for the rest of the season to combat fatigue. The Pirates say we shouldn't read much into this, but it wouldn't surprise me if he pitched in relief next year too.