So how much is too much

If the article by Jason Stark is accurate (see below) regarding what the Bucs want, among others, for Jason Bay and the X-Man, I can see why they are still here.

Bay: The Pirates are asking for four players back -- two sure-thing young players, one good prospect and a fourth prospect with upside.


Nady: A similar package, except they want three players instead of four -- one sure thing, one good prospect and a third, more iffy, prospect.

With all due respect for J-Bay, whom I have always liked, just last year, many on this site was playing the past the prime card (bat speed decreased, power gone, etc.).  Nevertheless, his numbers so far in his career have been very good and he is still relatively young, but is he really worth 4 players????  Why not, as they say desperated people do desparate things especially as they become even more desparate.  May the most desparate team, please make a bid....

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