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Daniel McCutchen, Jeff Karstens Added to Deal; Steve Pearce Coming Up

The Post-Gazette reports that George Kontos and Phil Coke have been subtracted from the Nady-Marte deal, and pitchers Daniel McCutchen and Jeff Karstens have been added.

This disappoints me a little; I liked Kontos a lot better than either of these guys. They're both better than Coke and are pretty good candidates to join the rotation later this year, but they're both 25. These guys, like Ross Ohlendorf, are more about depth than upside. Among the three pitchers the Pirates acquired, they should be able to get a few years of decent pitching, but it's hard to see how they'll get much more than that. McCutchen (my heart skipped a beat when I saw the name "McCutchen" in connection to this trade) and especially Karstens have pretty pronounced flyball tendencies, which could mean they'll allow a lot of homers. 

McCutchen throws a fastball in the low 90s, a splitter, and a good curve. Baseball America evidently thought--before this season--that he might wind up a bullpen guy. I know I don't like Karstens much, but McCutchen may turn out to be interesting. He's 25, but he's moved through the minors quickly; he didn't start his pro career until he was 23. He's posted good numbers, and excellent walk rates, throughout the minors so far. Maybe there's something here.

Steve Pearce will join the PBC, which is a good side effect of this deal. Hopefully he will play every day. He was frustrated about being stuck in Indianapolis, and maybe rejoining the big club will inspire him to regain some of the luster he's lost this year. 

UPDATE 2:16 PM: The Post-Gazette, linked above, says Nyjer Morgan has been removed from the 40-man roster. Since Ohlendorf and Karstens had already been added, that could mean that the Pirates are planning to add Daniel McCutchen to the active roster, or it could mean another trade is imminent.

UPDATE 2:30 PM: Just an error, the Post-Gazette reports--Morgan is still on the 40-man. 

UPDATE 3:39 PM: Apparently, the deal had to be restructured because either Kontos or Coke--I'm guessing Kontos since Coke was just a throw-in anyway, but that's pure speculation on my part--had labrum damage.

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By the way, I deleted a FanPost on this subject because it was just copied from another source. We can't have that.