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Dodgers Rent Casey Blake

The Dodgers have acquired Casey Blake from the Indians for minor leaguers Jonathan Meloan and Carlos Santana. Both the players the Dodgers gave up are pretty interesting. Meloan, who should be a reliever in the bigs, has control issues but has racked up strikeouts like crazy throughout the minors. But the 22-year-old Santana--uh, no relation, I don't think?--could be the real prize here. As a catcher, he appears to be a work in progress, but as a hitter, he's simply going nuts in the Cal League. Yes, it's a hitting-crazy league, but he's posting a .431 OBP there and obviously knows the strike zone pretty well. For the Dodgers, their tandem of Blake DeWitt and Andy LaRoche hadn't really been cutting it at third base, but Blake isn't  a great solution. Good trade for the Indians.

Woobie also notices in the comments that the Indians have also acquired Anthony Reyes from the Cards for a minor league reliever. Another nice move--there might still be something there. I would've loved it if the Pirates had acquired Reyes, particularly at this price.