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Jamie Romak, Jim Negrych, Jason Delaney All Promoted

Finally, Jamie Romak has been promoted to Class AA Altoona. It only took 43 extra-base hits and a .911 OPS to do it. July has actually been his worst month so far, with a .240 average, a .789 OPS and 30 strikeouts in 100 at bats, so it seems unlikely that he really learned what the Pirates wanted him to learn in Lynchburg while he crushed Carolina League pitching. Instead, they waited for Jason Delaney to be promoted, even though Altoona's outfield isn't exactly packed with prospects and the Bucs could easily have opened a spot for Romak if they wanted. Weird.

Anyway, Delaney hit well in Altoona, but at 25, he probably isn't much of a prospect. He'll have to keep hitting at Indianapolis the rest of the year to really catch my attention.

Jim Negrych had a .448 OBP at Lynchburg, but he's playing third base now, and as a polished college hitter without much power, he may not have much headroom. Still, he's worth keeping an eye on in Altoona. 

Thanks to Woobie.