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Rays, Bucs Talking About Jason Bay

The Post-Gazette reports. Names that have come up include Jeremy Hellickson, Reid Brignac, Fernando Perez and Jeff Niemann. Of the four, Hellickson is probably the most interesting; his numbers at Class A+ this year were just unreal. I don't like Brignac as much as most do--his reputation and his performance haven't matched up at all recently. Perez would be a throw-in at best. Niemann isn't a bad prospect, but he's 25 and still in the minors. If any of the last three are the centerpiece of a deal for Bay, I'll be pretty disappointed.

The P-G also says the Cardinals are talking to the Bucs about Bay too, but that they're unwilling to give up Colby Rasmus. In that case, the Pirates have nothing to talk to them about, in my opinion.