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Early Afternoon Roundup

-P- The White Sox and Reds have agreed on a trade that would send Ken Griffey to Chicago for Danny Richar and Nick Masset. The commissioner's office needs to approve it. The players the Reds get aren't anything special, but they save money on the deal. I'm not really sure what the White Sox are doing here--they don't really have a place for Griffey. He may be the sort of player who draws interest and brings people to the stadium, but I don't think he'll help them win much, and he would actively hurt them if he moved one of their starting outfielders to the bench.  

-P- You can cross Gaby Hernandez off the list of prospects we might get from the Marlins--he's headed to Seattle for Arthur Rhodes. It's a pretty standard deal--reliever for C-grade prospect.

-P- The Astros have acquired LaTroy Hawkins from the Yankees for second base prospect Matt Cusick. Is there a more stupidly run team than the Astros right now? They're a half game out of last place and they're pretending like they're still in it.

-P- This is from yesterday, but I didn't have time to comment on it: the Yanks acquired Ivan Rodriguez from the Tigers for Kyle Farnsworth. Rodriguez has recovered pretty nicely from a horrible 2007, so he should be an upgrade for the Yanks.