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Brewers 9, Pirates 1

Remarkably, the Pirates managed to get runners into scoring position during each of the first six innings, and they still managed just one run. It sounds silly, but this easily could have been a close game if the Pirates had better timing; John Russell let the Brewers tack on several runs in the fifth after it was already clear that Tom Gorzelanny didn't have anything left. (The pitcher's spot came up first in the top of the sixth, and Russell was presumably hoping to get Gorzelanny through the inning so he didn't have to waste a reliever.) Gorzelanny, for his part, had his usual troubles finding the strike zone, but he didn't exactly deserve to have seven runs tacked onto his ERA. His free pass Ben Sheets, a bad hitter even by pitchers' standards, to lead off the fifth probably  should've had Russell ready to pull him at any time. On top off all that, the Pirates made two errors. Not one of their better games, this one.