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This is Different...

Via Primer, it's probably been years since I've seen something like this:

At the All Star break, the Reds were 46-50, 111/2 games back. The Pirates were 44-50, 12.5 games back. The Pirates faced the same decision at the trading deadline as the Reds: "Should be play for 82 wins?"

The Pirates said no, and proceeded to move everything useful on their roster to begin retooling for 2009...

So, which team do you think is going to be the first to .500? The team that sucked it up and said that to contend "we need more talent," and then made moves to acquire It?

...Right now, our money's on the Pirates.

That's an out-of-town writer criticizing his hometown team by contrasting it with the Pirates.

...And I don't even agree with him! The Reds' core of young talent is a lot better than the Pirates'. And I wouldn't be at all surprised if the Reds contended next year. Still, this is pretty interesting to read.