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Draft Pick Signing Deadline Today

...And there's much to be done. Besides Pedro Alvarez, who I think will probably sign right before the deadline, the Pirates also want to sign second rounder Tanner Scheppers and two unknown others. With 10th rounder Drew Gagnon, a pitcher, saying he's going to Long Beach State, I hope that one of those unknowns is 20th rounder Quinton Miller, also a pitcher. Also look out for 26th-round third baseman Zachary Wilson, who probably isn't signing, and 19th-rounder and Georgia Tech catcher Jason Haniger. I did a writeup on the unsigned picks last week, so you can check that out, keeping in mind that fifth rounder Justin Wilson and sixth rounder Robbie Grossman have signed.

UPDATE 2:25: Scheppers wants big money and may not sign, the Post-Gazette reports. The P-G also says he couldn't even throw breaking balls. If he wants top-ten money, it may be wise to concentrate on other players.

UPDATE 8:37: The Pirates have signed Quinton Miller for $900,000. Nice! Now get Alvarez.

UPDATE 11:16: I've got nothing here, but I'll be hunting.

UPDATE 11:35: The Post-Gazette reports that Scheppers probably isn't going to sign.

UPDATE 11:59: Still nothing.

UDPATE 12:23: Still nothing. Several first round signings have emerged tonight--Buster Posey, Yonder Alonso, Allan Dykstra--but Alvarez isn't yet one of them.

UPDATE 12:32: Anyone else getting worried?