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Pirates Sign Pedro Alvarez But Not Tanner Scheppers

For a $6 million minor league deal, apparently less than fifth pick Buster Posey. Nice work, Pirates.

Second round pick Tanner Scheppers did not sign, which I'm okay with. He was a gamble from the beginning, and he wasn't completely healthy when he worked out for the Bucs a few days ago. The Pirates will get a compensation pick for him.

I wonder if we're going to hear of any other picks being signed, but I'm thrilled to have Alvarez in the fold, and impressed with the Pirates' willingness to go way above slot for Robbie Grossman and Quinton Miller. Wesley Freeman looks like a good addition as well. Good draft, overall, and this is markedly different from any draft the previous administration had.

On a personal note, I'm hitting the road for a few shows with my band this weekend and may not update much this weekend. Gamethreads will post as usual. (I'll be in Buffalo, Harrisburg and DC; here are details if you want to come out.)