New Pirates Top 10 Prospects

Now that the prospect signing deadline and the trading deadline has past, I think it will be fun to project the top 10 prospects. Here is mine:

1. Pedro Alverez

2. Andrew McCutchen

3. Jose Tabata

4. Bryan Morris

5. Neil Walker

6. Daniel McCutchen

7. Jamie Romak

8. Brad Lincoln 

9. Robbie Grossman

10.  Shelby Ford

Others Receiving Votes: Jordy Mercer, Justin Wilson, Brian Friday, Daniel Moskos, Dave Davidson, Quinton Miller, Wesley Freeman

Lets see what you think. This is way more fun than usual.

Edit: I would have included ohlendorf, but I thought he had to many MLB IP. I see only has 47 IP, so he is eligible. I would have placed him 8th right in front of Lincoln, and knocking ford out of the top 10.

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