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Pirates Trade Jose Bautista to Jays

For a player to be named later. The Bucs' treatment of Bautista continues to baffle me. He's no one's idea of a great player, but he can play five positions and isn't worthless as a hitter. Why he wouldn't be valuable to the Pirates as a bench player is beyond me. He'll be arbitration-eligible again this winter, but he shouldn't be that expensive.

Maybe the PTBNL turns out to be a good one, but I doubt that highly--it looks like the Pirates just dumped him. I wonder if there's more to this story than we know right now. Again, I know Bautista isn't great and he shouldn't be starting at third for the Pirates anymore, but he's a competent, inexpensive ballplayer and I don't understand why the Pirates would toss him away for nothing.

UPDATE: See my post above.