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Tom Gorzelanny Rejoins Bucs

The Post-Gazette:

Struggling Zach Duke is the scheduled starter for tonight and, as of late yesterday afternoon, that remained the case. But Gorzelanny's most recent start for Indianapolis was Saturday, so tonight would be his turn.

In any case, Gorzelanny will return to the rotation.

In the same article, the Post-Gazette reports that the PTBNL the Pirates will acquire for Jose Bautista will be a prospect, in which case the deal is A-OK with me. Even if the player weren't a prospect, I probably should've taken my own advice:

...[W]hen [Brewers GM Doug] Melvin saw an opportunity to get rid of an Alex Sanchez or an Eric Young, he did so without much regard for what he was getting back. That sounds foolhardy, but it's not. Alex Sanchez was clearly a mediocrity - why not just dump him for a couple minor leaguers and find out what Brady Clark can do? Why not dump an aging Eric Young on the Giants and find out what Keith Ginter can do? As it turned out, both those players were worth taking chances on - the Brewers got three good seasons from Clark and two from Ginter, and paid them almost nothing.

This argument came in the context of a more specific point about Xavier Nady that turned out to be utterly wrong, but the general idea stands: good teams are not built around players like Bautista, so why spend much time worrying about him? I believe he would've been a useful and relatively cheap bench player for the next year, at least, but next year doesn't matter much and neither do bench players for a team like this, and in the meantime, the Pirates hopefully will soon have a bunch of third base and outfield options to sort through. When rebuilding, it's not a good idea to worry much about mediocre players, or worry about who you'll get for them in trades. That's what I should have said the first time.