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Kevin Goldstein Explains Pedro Alvarez Situation

Baseball Prospectus' Kevin Goldstein is on Baseball Digest Daily radio today talking about the Pedro Alvarez debacle. (It starts at about 20:00 into the show.) The summary: rules were broken, no one is innocent, no one is happy. Boras is mad at the commissioner, Alvarez is letting this happen because he's not a puppet, the Pirates are mad at Boras, the Royals are mad at the Pirates for dragging Eric Hosmer into this (and, I presume, Hosmer is angry at everybody). Goldstein still thinks the most likely outcome is that the contract will stand.

By the way, BDD's other two guests on the show are Reds first round draft pick Yonder Alonso, and Jayson Stark. From me to these three guys in four short weeks... BDD is really moving up in the world!

-P- By the way, tomorrow's the deadline for teams to make waiver-based trades and keep the players they acquire on postseason rosters. I don't know of any moves the Pirates are considering, but it wouldn't shock me if they made a minor deal.