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Red Sox Trying to Trade for Brian Giles

The Red Sox have claimed Brian Giles on waivers and are trying to arrange a deal with the Padres for him.

Giles isn't done yet, and he's quietly in the midst of a good season for a very bad team that plays in a very bad hitting ballpark. He has only hit six homers, but his superb strike zone judgment hasn't abandoned him--he has 61 walks and a .390 OBP. He won't displace Jason Bay or J.D. Drew in either of the Sox's corner outfield spots, but that's okay--Giles isn't a good defensive outfielder anymore, and DH David Ortiz has had trouble staying healthy this year.

3B Mike Lowell just had a cortisone shot for his hip, too, so if he has to miss time, I wonder if the Sox might try moving Kevin Youkilis to third and one of their corner outfielders (the noodle-armed Bay, maybe?) to first. (One BD reader wrote to me a couple months ago to suggest the Pirates move Bay to first, and I think there was some merit to that idea.)

Anyway, I think the Sox would be really fun to watch with both Bay and Giles on the same team.