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The Historic Ineptitude of Cam Bonifay and Dave Littlefield

Jonah Keri, ranking Bonifay and Littlefield the sixth worst general manager (both of them) in the history of professional sports:

No GM had more of a knack for trading great talent and getting so little in return than Littlefield. From getting next to nothing for established stars such as Jason Schmidt and Aramis Ramirez, to selling low on players who blossomed elsewhere such as Chris Young and Oliver Perez, to a parting shot in which he traded for Matt Morris with $9.5 million left on his contract, Littlefield's six-year track record will go down as one of the most extraordinary in MLB history. Only Sandy Koufax's run in the '60s was more impressive.

Of course, the Ramirez trade was ordered by ownership, Schmidt was not an "established star" (or even a star) when he was traded, and Morris had much more than $9.5 million on his contract when Littlefield acquired him. But sixth worst in the history of professional sports seems about right for these two guys.