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Thoughts About Ross Ohlendorf

Ohlendorf was pretty good. He threw his fastballs in the 93-94 range most of the game, with some weird exceptions at various points where he'd throw a sinker-ish thing that sometimes came in at around 89-90. He had a good breaking ball that he probably didn't throw quite enough. He wasn't really doing the bizarro sequences Azibuck saw a couple weeks ago in Indianapolis, but I also didn't get the sense I do when watching many pitchers where one pitch leads logically to the next. (I wish I'd been paying attention to that aspect more carefully, actually--I wonder how many times he shook off the catcher.) It looked to me like the breaking ball could be a real out pitch, but it didn't seem he was trying to use it that way (again, this is me remembering something I watched a couple hours ago), and the result was only a couple strikeouts on the night.

Ohlendorf's command began to desert him in the fourth, and he gave up two runs then. Other than that, he was basically fine. It looks like he can succeed in the majors as a reliever, at least.