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Rangers Sign Derrick Turnbow

...Thus saving us from discussing Derrick Turnbow anymore, which I'm pretty happy about.

In other news, the Angels signed Brian Fuentes to a two-year, $17.5 million deal, wit a 2011 option that vests if he closes for long enough. Fuentes isn't young and flashy like Francisco Rodriguez, but he's still a really good pitcher, and his 2008 was nearly as good as Rodriguez. Fuentes is also a fun pitcher to watch, because he throws harder than most other pitchers who throw with a 3/4 type of motion.

Finally, the Indians acquired Mark DeRosa from the Cubs for minor league pitchers Jake Stevens, Chris Archer and John Gaub. Stevens is an older reliever who's close to the majors; Archer is a youngster who played full-season ball at age 19 last year but struggled mightily with control; and Gaub posted flashy numbers in the low minors in 2008 at age 23. Stevens is a decent bet to be a useful reliever fairly soon, and the other two are C-grade prospects. That's not a terrible return for DeRosa, but the Cubs are still a contending team and DeRosa is still a very useful player; the Cubs must really be pinching pennies if they're making a trade like this. Even if this trade anticipates the signing of Milton Bradley, the Cubs must be keeping a close eye on their budget. Anyway, DeRosa will play third for the Indians.

-P- I'll be doing a concert in DC tomorrow, and then I'll be in the recording studio Saturday and onstage in Morgantown that night, and then I'm flying to California Sunday. Updates will be a little less timely than usual. My apologies.