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Community Projection: Ryan Doumit

I'm starting these a bit earlier than last year, but I'll spread them over the next couple months. This is the fourth year we've done these, but if you weren't around for any of the other three, here's how it works. We all guess how each player will do for the upcoming season, then review our average projections at the end, with recognition for the most accurate guessers for each player.

We'll begin with Ryan Doumit, who seems assured of plenty of playing time this year. In the comments, post your guesses for Doumit's 2009 batting average, on-base percentage, and slugging percentage, in that order. For extra credit, you can also guess Doumit's games played. Here are Doumit's career stats.

So let's hear it! If you haven't commented before, the community projections are a great way to introduce yourself and get started.