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Cubs Trade Felix Pie to Orioles

Ooh, interesting trade. Pie, for those who haven't seen much of him, is toolsy and incredibly exciting to watch, but he's had a rough time in parts of two years with Chicago, which isn't the sort of organization that has a bunch of patience with youngsters who don't contribute immediately. So the Cubs have sent him to the Orioles for pitchers Garrett Olson and Hank Williamson. Williamson's just a live arm at this point--he's posted intriguing numbers as a reliever in the low minors, but he's a million miles from the majors. Olson has a decent minor league record but stunk in an extended trial in the Orioles' rotation in 2008, so the O's, who are loaded with decent pitching prospects, can exchange him for a hitter. Baltimore won't contend this year and thus can afford to keep Pie in the lineup for a while. Good trade for the Orioles.