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Community Projection: Jack Wilson

Next up in our Community Projections is Jack Wilson. Guess how he'll do in 2009 in the comments by predicting his 2009 batting average, on-base percentage, and slugging percentage, in that order. As a bonus, you can guess the date of Wilson's last game with the Pirates in the 2009 season. (If you think it'll be the last game of the season, you can just write "last game.")

Here are Wilson's career numbers. If you've been lurking here at Bucs Dugout, the Community Projections are a great way to get started commenting.

* * *

Here are the results of the Community Projections so far, including the Freddy Sanchez projection, which is now closed:

Ryan Doumit C .289/.346/.477 115 games played .287/.343/.463
Adam LaRoche 1B .279/.350/.508 10th HR on June 11 .268/.343/.485
Freddy Sanchez 2B .300/.332/.419 548 PAs .285/.324/.398


Unfortunately, I'm with ZiPS on this one. Several people guessed that Sanchez would hit .320 or .330, but nobody guessed he would hit .240 or .260, which frankly seems almost as likely, given Sanchez's age, position and injury history.