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Out of the Office

I'll be playing in Baltimore tonight and Brooklyn on Saturday, so please have patience and I'll be back in a couple days.

In the meantime:

-The Pirates will announce the name of their new Class A+ Bradenton team on Tuesday.

-The Bobby Crosby signing is official, as most of you probably know. After being annoyed about it for a while, I've come around to it--they're not paying him much, and as bad as he is, he's enough of an upgrade over Brian Bixler that he's worth having around.

-Jesse Chavez moves again, this time to Atlanta for Rafael Soriano. The Pirates really would have had no business paying a reliever $7.25 million, as the Rays will do with Soriano, but this is still a nifty pair of moves for Tampa--they grab Chavez and get rid of a few million bucks in salary by shipping Akinori Iwamura to Pittsburgh, then get a top-notch reliever for only a couple million more. A solidly-built, contending team can spend that kind of money on a closer, but a team like the Pirates should probably treat closers like filet mignon and use their millions on more basic foodstuffs.