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Pirates Grab Former Angels Prospect Christopher Garcia

This is a very minor move, but since the Pittsburgh papers don't seem to have it yet, I'm going to go with it.

The Pirates have acquired first baseman Christopher Garcia, who recently turned 22, from the independent-league Shreveport-Bossier Captains. I'm not really sure what Garcia was doing in the indy leagues, because he signed with the Angels in 2007 after being drafted in the 15th round and generally just killed the ball in two minor league seasons, posting a .912 OPS overall in both levels of the rookie leagues. His main position seems to be first base, but he also played second and third for Shreveport. Like I said, this is a very minor move, but I'm really not sure why a guy who hits like Garcia has was even available. It's quite possible scouts think he has some problem that will prevent him from hitting at higher levels, which would basically mean he'll be an organizational player. But if not, hey--free prospect. Cool.